Components of the Three-Phase Transformer



In this tutorial we will look at three-phase transformers. The three-phase transformer is used to transfer a large amount of energy. It is needed to increase and decrease the voltages at different stages in the grid of the power system. The three-phase transformer is constructed in two ways. The first is of three separate single-phase transformers, suitably connected for three-phase operation. The second way is a three-phase transformer, in which the wires and windings of the three phases merge into one structure.

The three single-phase transformers can be used as a three-phase transformer when their primary and secondary windings are connected to each other. Powering a three-phase transformer has many advantages over three single phase units, requiring much less space and also much lighter and cheaper in size. The three-phase transformer is classified mainly into two types, ie. core transformer and housing type transformer. Here are the main components in a three-phase transformer.